Our mission is to use genetic science and technology to help millions of people live longer, healthier and happier lives.


We have discovered that genetics plays a much bigger role than just improving performance. That’s why we want to tackle lifestyle-preventable diseases before their effects creep into families’ lives. We help people get to know their bodies better and make simple lifestyle changes to improve their health and wellbeing.


DATSME is the first online platform for health and prevention based on your genetics.

Based on the research of our scientific team and developed with our multidisciplinary consultants, our products allow you to take control of your health. Our reports make genetics understandable and easy to adapt to a personalized plan.


Dr. María Trells

Ph.D. in Human and Animal Parasitology

Professor of Parasitology and Nutrition at the UV. Researcher at the Joint Research Unit in Endocrinology, Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics at IIS La Fe.

Dr. José Miguel Soriano

Professor of Nutrition and Bromatology

Director of the Food & Health Lab. Institute of Materials Science. University of Valencia. Director of the University Clinic of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Physiotherapy of the Fundació Lluís Alcanyis.

Dr. Javier Escobar

PhD in Biology

Co-founder & Scientific Director of DatsMe. Liaison between R&D, marketing and end-customer teams within the health sector.

Dr. Helios Pareja

PhD in Physiology

 Director of the Master’s Degree in Training and Sports Nutrition and the Specialist Programme in Sports Nutrition at the Real Madrid-European University School.

Dr. Juan Gambini

Pharmacist and Physiologist

Doctor in Pharmacy and Professor of Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia, he develops his research in the field of healthy ageing and nutrition.

All DATS ME products have the highest scientific quality on the market.

Our experts have selected We have made our own extensive bibliography to select all the scientifically validated genetic markers that we analyze in each of our products.

The analysis technology we use is DNA Microarray. It is currently the most advanced and robust technology on the market.

We have our own bioinformatic development for processing the results report based on our own algorithms.