We deliver you the kit, and from a simple saliva sample, we obtain your DNA.

Remember to avoid smoking, eating, chewing gum, drinking or brushing your teeth for at least 30 minutes before taking the sample, as these actions can affect the quality of the sample.

For more information on the process of obtaining the sample, access the explanatory video.

Once the sample has been taken, you must access your Private Area to complete the registration and request the collection of the sample at your home address, or, if you prefer, we will indicate the different collection points available.

In the event that the sample is not valid, we will notify you via e-mail, and we will send you another kit free of charge to repeat the sample collection. It is vital that during the sample collection, you follow the instructions carefully so that the quality of the sample is optimal for analysis. DatsMe will cover the costs of shipping and collection only once.

All boxes come with instructions in English, but fear not, we have the same detailed instructions in all languages in digital form. You can find them by clicking here. On the other hand, if the instructions are not enough, we have a video demonstration of how to take the sample.