Your results will be available within a maximum period of 3 to 5 weeks from receipt of the sample in our laboratories. Once available, we will inform you via e-mail.

Once available, we will inform you via e-mail, and you will be able to access your results in your Private Area.

At DatsMe, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your reports, whether it be interpretation or scientific technicalities. Our customer service team and industry professionals are at your disposal. You can contact us by Whatsapp, by sending an email to info@ or by filling in this form.

Your saliva sample is sent to our laboratories in Europe (Denmark), which meet the highest quality standards in the European Union and are ISO 17025: 2017 certified.

Once there, the DNA is extracted and genotyped. We process this information in our database engines, which has been created under the highest scientific rigour by biologists, biotechnologists, and bioinformaticians and advised by nutritionists and doctors.

  • At Datsme, we use microarray technology with the Illumina®️ iScan system and the latest version of the Infinium Global Screening Array (GSA) chip with more than 750,000 genetic markers. This technology provides 100% reliable genotyping results of high quality and high throughput. In addition, our laboratory in Denmark meets the highest quality standards and is ISO 17025: 2017 certified.

    Our products have proven scientific evidence based on genetic association studies, clinical trials, epidemiological studies and meta-analyses published in high impact journals. Moreover, they are specially designed for each test by our team of experts.

  • The genetic information that determines who we are is defined from the moment we are born and is unalterable. However, sometimes new mutations called „de novo“ can occur. Having this information encoded in your genes allows you to make beneficial, effective, and functional decisions for your body.

    At DatsMe, we update the results as scientific knowledge advances and include them in the reports at no additional cost.

  • Your results are 100% confidential and protected.

    When you register your test with the barcode (located on the collector), your data is protected by encryption code (totally anonymous). No one has access to your personal data at any time: neither the laboratory nor us. We ensure strict compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

  • When you register, you will be asked for the language you would prefer to receive your report. Currently, the options we offer are Spanish, English and German.

    As we are a growing company, we hope to reach more countries and offer more languages very soon.