Yes, if you do not activate your kit your sample will not enter our system, so your DNA will not be analysed.

To activate your kit, go to Activate Kit (you will find it at the top right of our page).

  • You need to be logged in; if you don’t have an account yet, please register.
  • Enter the activation code (the kit number); you can find it on your activation card and the side of the box.
  • Enter the saliva collector code; you will find it under the barcode of the collector.
  • Follow the instructions and take your sample.
  • Enter the details of the person who has taken the sample.
  • Please select your shipping option to our laboratories.
  • Send your sample.

If you have purchased kits as a gift, the gift recipient can activate their kit from Activate Kit. You will find it on the top right-hand side of our page. You will be asked to register with DatsMe for free before activation. Once you are registered, you will be able to manage your DNA kit.

In case it is for a minor, you will be able to manage your kit yourself. You will find more information about DNA kits for minors here.

  • If you are having trouble activating your kit, follow the steps below to make sure there is no error:

    1. First, make sure the kit and collector code you entered is correct.

    2. Check that you are logged in with the email address you registered with.

    3. Finally, check that you are not using restricted internet access. Some workplaces block multiple sites, in which case activation may not work.

    If you still cannot activate your kit, please contact us at and provide the following information:

    1. Please send photos of the kit number on the box and the number on the manifold.

    2. Please attach a screenshot of what appears when you are unable to activate the kit.

    3. The email address you registered or logged in with when trying to activate the kit.

    4. What internet browser are you using? You can easily check on the following site: